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Forever Grips Gaming Accessories

Pro Bundle (Fan Favorites) Xbox One Edition

Pro Bundle (Fan Favorites) Xbox One Edition

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Description: Get your ultimate package today. The Coral Crimson Xbox One Edition contains so many of these amazing items in one place just for you! Only $14.99 and goes up to $19.99 after the 2019. Take advantage of this money saving, game enhancing deal.

This box includes:

• 10 Pairs of randomly selected Controller Grips (20 Pieces)

• Cloudy Dayz Xbox One Controller Cover (1 Piece)

• White Elevate Controller Grips (8 Pieces)


Forever Grips Controller Grips:

Durable silicone rubber to keep your thumbs on the analog sticks in the clutch moments the most when you need that victory. Original controller rubber tearing? Say no more! Place Forever Grips's Controller Grips right on top to keep your gaming continual for hours on end without the pain you received before. This box is the right one for you if you play competitively or casually, because what is offered is comfort and style! Not only perform better than your competitors, but in a more affordable way with Forever Grips.

Forever Grips Controller Covers:

Personalize your controller and improve your gaming with the silicone cover for your controller. Gain extra grip and improve your game play with this non-slip silicone controller cover. The skin fits for your selected controller keeping all the buttons, triggers and thumb sticks accessible. Premium quality soft silicone material provides a more comfortable experience and can allow you to play for longer. Simple to fit and remove as required, you will wonder how you ever played without it!

FUN FACT: Cover ($5.99), Elevate Grips ($5.99), and 10 Pairs of Randomly selected Controller Grips ($9.98). Because you would be ordering these items in a bundle and not separately, you would save $6.97!!! If you had ordered all these items separately it would cost you $21.96.


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