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Mystery Box

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"Helping All Gamers, Fit Their Needs"

- Personalize your controller and improve your gaming with the silicone cover for your controller.
- Gain extra grip and improve your game play with this non slip silicone controller cover and grips.
- The skin fits for your selected controller keeping all the buttons, triggers and thumbsticks accessible.
- Premium quality soft silicone material provides a more comfortable experience and can allow you to play for longer.
- Simple to fit and remove as required, you will wonder how you ever played without it.

Description (SKIN):
- Soft silicone provides comfortable hand feelings.
- Nice print design, nice-looking.
Perfect accessories for game lovers.

Material: Silicone

Product includes:

- Randomly selected Silicone Controller Cover (1 Piece)

- 5 pairs of randomly selected Controller Grips (10 Pieces)

FUN FACT: If you were to order a controller cover ($5.99) and 5 pairs of grips ($4.99) from us it would be $10.98! Save $1 with the mystery box!



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