Questions and Answers

How do I enter a discount code in?
How does my team/How do I become affiliated/associated by Forever Grips?
What benefits does Forever Grips offer? (When affiliated)
Where do I find the Code Usage Sheet? How do I find my code on the Code Usage Sheets?
Once my code has been used __ (3, 5, 7, 10, 14, or 20) times, what do I do to receive my prize?
I paid for First-Class Shipping and it has been pasted 15 days since my order was shipped... What do I do?
Do your grips fit a ______ controller?
I ordered a box and I only received ______, is this a mistake?
What are your shipping prices?
The Forever Prize system
When my team earns "x" amount of uses, who gets the items?
How long does is take for a Giveaway Prize or Forever Prize to arrive?
Does Forever Grips ship Worldwide?

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How to get more uses with your code:

  • Post/inform all over your social media accounts about your code and what it does for you and your community. Give a brief overview of the company who partnered/sponsored you so your community understands who they are, what they offer/sale, ect.
  • Posting is a great way to reach out to people but when you personally ask close friends, online friends, and family members to support you by using your code at checkout or even helping you by spreading the word out is a great way to get recognized and have better chance of your code getting used.
  • When you order our products and show your community what they could be using to better enhance their gaming career, that could make the difference from them accepting you have a partner to understanding how serious you are with gaming which then you could be an outlet into not only turning your friends on to amazing gaming accessories but also to your community that looks up to you.
  • If you're going to order, you might as while make a review for the company. Whether that is a photo review, a written review, a video review, when giving a review about a product that does better inform others and if they were interested in purchasing because of you, if you plugged (promoted) your code at the beginning or end of the review that gives someone one more reason to support you for helping them.