Forever Grips: #3 - (3/15 - 3/21 UPDATE)

Hello! Thank you for tuning into our third blog post. We will be covering new content on our website, future giveaways with Forever Grips, and answering some questions about CO-VID19 and if it will affect our services. 

The new content we have added on our page include; slideshow update on our home page,  @forevergrips Instagram Feed within our homepage, blog posts on our home page, footer updated with new links, contact us page under "more pages" / footer, FQ&A (facts, questions and answers) under "more pages" / footer, and our Event Calendar under "more pages" / footer. We plan to add an area in our FQ&A for video reviews!

Our upcoming/future giveaways include; 3/23 our Giveaway Monday on instagram and on 3/27 the ending of our New Decade Giveaway. The winners will be announced the day after the dates given. We plan to put out another 3-month long giveaway on Monday 3/30. 

We have been asked if Forever Grips could still ship stuff out and maintain the company with all the events going on surrounding CO-VID19. The answer is: as long as we are able to still ship stuff out then yes, we will still be open to the public. 

Thank you if you have made it this far, we thank you, I thank you, and please have a wonderful evening! If you have any questions please contact us via contact us form or (

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