Forever Grips: #2 - Our Name

Forever Grips: #2 - Our Name

Forever Grips Gaming Accessories has some background with why we chose what we did and how! Let us break it down for you below. 

Forever Grips Gaming Accessories. "Forever" comes from when the owner (Madison, I, the one writing this!) had discovered controller grips and the amazing abilities it had unlocked. I had them for some time and I was like "Woah these last forever... forever... that's it!" Forever is the name because our products have wonderful quality and it feels like they last forever. 

Forever Grips Gaming Accessories. "Grips" was our second title because at first, all FG sold were controller thumb grips and the name rolled off the tongue. Now we sell way much more than just controller grips but that's where it originated. 

Forever Grips Gaming Accessories. "Gaming Accessories" was only recently added to give people more context of what we offer to the community and what community we do support. The gaming community with gaming accessories. 

Thank you very much for reading this far, I appreciate you, we appreciate you, if you would like to see more content, let us know!

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