Forever Grips: #1 - Our Goals

Forever Grips: #1 - Our Goals

Forever Grips Gaming Accessories. What does this company have to give back to the gaming community and why? Why should you be with our community and turn a cheek on the others? What is our goal and have we achieved it or not? I will answer all those questions here just for you. 

Our goal established when we established, October 2016, to give all the gamers a nice place to come to where the prices aren't sky-rocketing out of your wallet but you receive quality that's way beyond what you pay for. We have always kept prices low, especially to our competitors, because we believe you deserve better for less and that is what we give. Another one of our goals is (current goals) to provide this amazing community with "Grade-A" customer service! We love our community and love to connect with you guys with amazing customer service responding as soon as we can with a positive go-to helping you with all that is in our ability! That has always been a goal of ours and we maintain it. 

FG loves to giveaway items every so often hosted on our instagram page! Around 3-5 giveaways are hosted every month to the gaming community for free. We love to give back to gamers who might not have the money to game better and just support the lovely performers who we are partnered with. We love to give free items to partnered members who get a certain amount of uses with their code to not only award them for going out of their way to get their code used but also as an appreciation gift as we appreciate them for being partnered and in our amazing community. 

Some companies are really out there to get you for your money and do not generally connect with you. Forever Grips is the complete opposite, we comment on posts we are tagged in and watch our communities clips, montages, graphic designs, and actually acknowledge you guys! We love to see all the great things you all do and plenty of bigger companies lose that insight with their fan base. 

 Thank you for reading if you have gotten this far, I do appreciate you, Forever Grips appreciates you, if you would like to see more of these posts, let us know!

Forever Grips Gaming Accessories Owner, 



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